Ryalex Dual Press Hold up button

False Alarm resistant duress / hold up button. Meets NSW Police standards



The Ryalex Dual Press Hold up button was designed to meet the NSW Police (amongst other organisations) demands for a false alarm resistant dual press duress activator. Dual press activators minimise false alarms by reducing the likelihood of the duress button being pressed accidentally. The button enclosure is made from ABS plastic providing a robust housing for a wide array of applications. The Ryalex Dual Press Hold Up Button brochure is available to download on the link below. For sales enquires please contact our sales team on 1300 792 539


  • Meets the National Police Alarm Activation Response
  • Guidelines for a Dual activated Hold Up Button.
  • Dual End Of Line resistor values are “on board” selectable for either Tecom or Concept / Integriti alarm panels.
  • “AND” or “OR” selectable button operation.
  • Easy activation of the transmitter from a fixed position, whilst preventing false activations.
  • Ergonomically designed without any sharp edges or protruding fasteners, complete with fixings and mounting hole flush caps.
  • Made from ABS plastic which will resist any lateral or direct forces without cracking.

Technical Specifications

  • Part # RYA-DHUB
  • Material ABS Plastic
  • Colour Matte Black housing, Red buttons
  • Dimensions 80 x 70 x 30 mm
  • Weight Approx 40g
  • Compatibility Tecom V8, Challenger 10, Concept 4000, Integriti

Our Experience

This product was designed by Ryalex to meet the NSW police force demands for a false alarm resistant duress button. Ryalex have installed thousands of this button for various clients including Westpac and Department of Human Services.

End users can purchase this product direct from Ryalex. Security Integrators can purchase via Seadan Security or Hills

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