Halo Smart Sensor & Vape Detector

The #1 Vape Detector and Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Device, suitable for a wide range of applications. Learn more about HALO vape detectors for schools, workplaces and hospitality outlets.



The HALO Smart Sensor & Vape Detector is the top-rated choice for detecting and deterring vaping in indoor or prohibited areas. It is ideal for a variety of applications, including in education, retail, commercial and hospitality settings. The HALO vape detector can be installed by itself, or as part of an existing business security system.


The HALO IoT Smart Sensor & Vape Detector provides both a real-time Air Quality and Health Index that sends alerts when either index falls into danger zones. Receive critical automated reports that show a healthy indoor environment and/or validate that facility improvement is needed. The devices can be managed via the HALO Cloud Portal or integrated with third party systems.


HALO Key Sensor Readings

The HALO Sensor has many detection sensors built in for health, safety and Vape detection.

Health: Health Index, Air Quality Index, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Humidity, Temp, TVOC, Particulates

Safety: Help (Spoken Key Word), Gunshot, Aggression, Light Level, Tamper

Vape: THC, Vape, Vape Masking


Integration to Third Party Systems

The HALO Smart Sensor can form part of an integrated security solution when paired with third party systems such as Avigilon Control Centre VMS or Milestone XProtect VMS. By integrating the sensors with these VMS platforms, all sensor data can be displayed in the software alongside nearby camera images. This becomes particularly useful when linking alarm events to video footage.

The sensor can also be integrated to other security management systems such as Innerrange Integriti via its low level relay output.

HALO Smart Sensor & Vape Detector Applications

HALO vape detectors have a number of different applications. Here are a number of ways Ryalex clients have used the HALO vape detector in Australian settings:

Vape Detectors for Schools

Installing vape detectors installed in schools helps to deter students and staff from using e-cigarettes. In addition to classrooms and hallways, they may be placed in locations that are harder to reach with traditional surveillance methods, such as locker rooms and bathrooms. Proactively managing vaping on site helps to uphold school policies and commit to a safe learning environment.

Workplace Vape Deterrence

Using a device such as the HALO vape detector in a workplace helps to maintain company health policy by adhering to rules that prohibit smoking or vaping on site. Vape detectors can be discreetly installed in offices, bathrooms, break rooms and car parking areas. They are able to be paired with CCTV and alarm systems to alert management of any vaping activity.

Hospitality & Retail Compliance

Vaping is now banned in almost all retail and hospitality settings, with the exception of designated smoking areas. Devices like the HALO vape detector help to ensure customers and proprietors comply with these vaping regulations. They can be installed throughout shopping centres, restaurants and entertainment venues, and integrate with any existing security systems. Vape detectors can also assist with legal enforcement of vaping rules.

Ryalex Security has plentiful stocks of HALO vape detectors in Australia. The devices can be installed discreetly in a variety of settings to detect vape usage, alert management or authorities, and enforce regulations related to vaping in Australia.


Contact Ryalex for more information about the HALO Smart Sensor & Vape Detector, or for any queries related to other commercial security systems such as access card solutions and access control systems.

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