Fuse Existing Assets for Retail Loss Prevention

At the recent Retail Loss Prevention Conference in Sydney we heard Brand Elverston, Director Asset Protection Strategic Initiatives at Walmart speak about changes in loss prevention strategies and what the future of LP may hold. A big focus for Walmart is Analysis of Loss Prevention Data to gain competitive advantages.  Now, not all retail stores have the resources of Walmart to pull this data together, but there is something you can do to make the most of your existing assets.

CCTV/ POS Integration

There are several ways that the data from your Point of Sale system can integrate with your CCTV. Low level integration can be achieved using the printer interface output to the CCTV. An event such a a refund can  trigger the CCTV to record at a higher frame rate. This can recalled to check a transaction and make investigations easier. High level integration is a little more involved and requires access into the POS database. It enables a powerful reporting tool – recall transactions relating to specific staff, events, types of transactions, overlay receipts on video footage. Online access and emailed reports as they occur are just some of smarts available. This integration is also available through some POS systems, where they take the video in and tie it to events in their database.

If you are looking at updating your CCTV, POS system or greater retail security system this integration should be a consideration to make the most out of both assets. If you need help or advice in this are please contact us!