Commercial Security Solutions Sydney

Ryalex provides a range of services to Sydney-based commercial clients. Our qualified technicians are able to design, install, maintain and monitor a tailored commercial security system for your business. We are proud to offer our access control, alarm and security camera services across the greater Sydney area.

Access Control Systems Sydney

Ryalex offers customised access control systems to suit a variety of businesses, regardless of whether they have one or two doors, or hundreds of entrances and users. Our technicians design, install and maintain access control systems that comply with Australian standards, using products from companies such as Bosch, Innerrange and Tecom. Our security systems use encrypted RFID, Biometrics and mobile technologies like Bluetooth to ensure your business’ assets are always protected.

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Alarm Monitoring Sydney

Safeguard your business’ assets with a customised Ryalex alarm system. We stock a wide range of intruder alarms for offices, warehouses, shops and other types of commercial buildings. Duress alarm systems can be integrated into your package, allowing workers to send an alarm signal when in danger. Our alarm monitoring services ensure round the clock security for your organisation, detecting and responding to any threats that occur within or outside of business hours.

Ryalex monitors a vast array of commercial security services for Sydney-based clients, including CCTV cameras, intruder alarms, and access control systems. We serve a range of industries, including commercial, educational, fitness, hospitality, government, construction and industrial premises.

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Security Camera Installation Sydney

CCTV security cameras are a powerful tool in helping protect your business’ staff, assets and customers. Strategically positioned security cameras reduce blind spots in your building, producing a live feed that can be viewed on smartphones and tablets using the relevant app. Ryalex’s CCTV offerings feature advanced technology, such as smart search capabilities that allow you to search for a particular location, timestamp or colour without watching hours of footage. Our cameras can also be mounted in production facilities, to ensure machinery and equipment are being used safely and efficiently by staff.

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