Commercial Security Systems Melbourne

Ryalex is able to provide commercial security systems to a range of clients in Melbourne and regional Victoria. Our experienced technicians and subcontractors are able to design, install and manage access control systems, alarms and CCTV systems in Melbourne and its surrounding areas.

Access Control Systems Melbourne

Access control systems are an effective way of securing your commercial premises, providing round-the-clock protection of your property, staff and assets. Ryalex’s access control systems are available in a variety of forms, including keypads, access cards, smartphone apps and biometric recognition systems.

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CCTV Security Systems Melbourne

A commercial CCTV system helps to manage the security of your premises by providing high-quality video footage of any threats or incidents that occur at your workplace. Commercial CCTV cameras can be placed to give maximum visibility of your premises, allowing you to remotely monitor processes, deliveries and communal areas of your building.

Our CCTV cameras are also equipped with facial recognition technology, allowing you to identify a person of interest in a particular frame. These systems are ideal for crowded retail venues, and pubs and clubs who offer gambling facilities.

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Alarm System Installation Melbourne

Ryalex’s alarm systems are designed to alert you to any suspicious activity at your premises. Our alarms come in a number of different configurations. Intruder alarms are designed to protect your building against unauthorised entries, while duress alarm systems allow staff to raise a distress signal if they feel they are in danger.

Our alarm systems are also monitored by our highly trained team, ensuring that your office, warehouse or shop is protected 24/7.

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Leading Business Security Systems Melbourne

Ryalex provides high quality commercial CCTV cameras, alarm systems and security monitoring services in Melbourne. Our offerings are able to secure business in a range of industries, including retail, construction and education. We have over 25 years experience in the industry, and can provide trusted commercial security system installation in Melbourne.

Get in contact with our team of security integrators in Melbourne to learn more about the commercial security services and systems we can supply to your business.

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