Commercial Security Solutions Brisbane

Ryalex offers a vast array of commercial security systems to major clients based in the Brisbane metropolitan area. Ryalex can quote technicians and sub-contractors to create a security system for large businesses from the ground up. Our network are able to help with designing, installing, maintaining and monitoring alarms, CCTV cameras and access control systems.

Access Control Systems Brisbane

Access control systems offer unparalleled security for businesses. Integrating a system with multiple security layers helps safeguard your business and mitigate against unauthorised entry. Ryalex’s access control systems offer customisable systems to best suit your business, including keycard access, biometric scanners and intercom systems. These features can be added to each entry and exit door in your building to provide the most protection possible against unauthorised entry.

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Security Camera Installation Brisbane

Installing commercial security cameras is an effective method through which to monitor and protect your staff and assets. CCTV cameras capture details of any suspicious activity or break–ins that may happen at or around your premises. CCTV installation can reduce loss of stock, mitigate staff health and safety incidents and improve business processes. 

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Business CCTV Systems Brisbane

A live feed can be transmitted through an app to business operators’ mobile devices, allowing you to monitor your workplace remotely. Ryalex’s range of CCTV cameras feature advanced technology such as facial recognition and smart search capability that reduces the time spent searching through footage for moments of interest.

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Arming System

Security Alarm Systems Brisbane

Ryalex offers a range of alarms to help safeguard employees and business assets. An intruder alarm system is an essential measure in workplace security, ideal for office buildings, warehouses and factory units.

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Security Monitoring Brisbane

Our 24/7 security system monitoring service ensures that your premises has constant surveillance from a team of highly trained security experts. Our alarm monitoring services operate using 4G-enabled devices, allowing transmission of alarm signals over the mobile network. You may also wish to invest in a video verified alarm system, consisting of a monitored alarm system and an IP video surveillance solution. This system allows operators to gain access to your security camera system in the event of an alert, determine if the alarm signal was valid, and dispatch the relevant authorities and emergency services to assist.

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Leading Business Security Alarm Brisbane

Ryalex’s wide range of business security services are available to clients within the Brisbane metropolitan area. Our team of industry professionals are able to help design install, maintain and monitor a customised security system for your business. We service a range of industries, including retail, construction, hospitality and educational premises.

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