Relocatable Commercial Security Cameras

Ryalex Security offers a range of relocatable camerasto suit a wide array of commercial applications in Australia. These commercial security cameras can be powered from an existing 240v supply or from the sun using our Solar/Battery package.

With commonly used energy resources draining out, solar-powered commercial security cameras are emerging out to be an eco-friendly solution for many Australian companies.

Whilst installing such cameras, you can employ the solar power to charge and run the commercial security cameras without incurring any monthly fee.

The Solar package enables the commercial security cameras to be installed in remote locations where constant power is unavailable. As a growing number of businesses are switching to green solutions, solar powered commercial security cameras are worth putting your money on. However, there ought to be a security assessment to determine the viability of such security cameras in your commercial setup.

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Supporting Security Services (Australia)

Our relocatable cameras utilise the 4G mobile network to allow remote connection for live monitoring or downloading of footage after an event. The 4G router operates on the Telstra mobile network providing extensive coverage in remote locations.

With a proficient team supporting in each of our services, we can provide relocatable solar cameras to companies of all sizes and nature around the globe. Learn more about our visionary management team of the Australian company.

We also provide monitoring, maintenance and installation services to support each commercial security endeavour of yours. So, you can be rest assured that whether it is raining or foggy, your commercial security cameras would continue to operate like any other normal day with sufficient solar storage to power them.

The camera range includes the following models:

  • Standard Camera Kit: This base package can be powered by 240v or solar and communicates over the 4G mobile network.
  • Premium Camera Kit: Powered by 240v or Solar, Includes a premium commercial grade camera (Mobotix) allowing a variety of alarm notifications and Premium 4G Industrial grade Router

If you have any peculiar business security requirement, then you must explore our customized solutions to raise the security bar for your company. Trust us for our licensed commercial security staff adhere to all the industry compliances.

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Ryalex have developed a custom pole bracket and strapping system for the solar panel and equipment box allowing it to be attached to existing power poles, light poles or flag poles.

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