gym access control

The 24/7 Gym Access Control System

May 10, 2018

At Ryalex we offer complete security packages to turn your current fitness facility into a convenient 24/7 destination for your members. Utilising Mobotix cameras and the Remote Guard secure monitoring network, we give you peace of mind that your members are safe. The 24/7 gym access control system: Safety Comprehensive

Integrated Security Systems

Why You Should Consider An Integrated Security System?

April 24, 2018

Many organisations look at security systems in response to a specific incident. While this may mitigate the risk of that incident occurring again or provide evidence for future incidents, this approach may not cover additional risks or provide any other benefit to the organisation. When considering a security solution you

access control systems

The Benefits of Access Control

February 26, 2018

Access control systems enable businesses to control who has access to the entire building or some areas within the business, a technique used to control passage into or out of any area of the business. While the standard lock & key can be an example of an access control system,