Video Verification Systems

Ryalex Security offer video verification packages for your business, to ensure faster guard response times than traditional duress monitoring systems and to reduce ongoing security guarding costs.
Our systems integrate the latest technology Mobotix cameras with a secure monitoring connection.

When an alarm is received via the RemoteGUARD system, the monitoring centre immediately sees the camera scene at which the alarm occurred, allowing for instant alarm verification. RemoteGUARD Video verification saves money in unnecessary guard call-outs and provides a faster response from police when required.

Key benefits of video verification:

All alarms are visually verified ensuring faster and more accurate operator responses
Video Verification catches criminals in the act because RemoteGUARD alarm events are received by the control room with video from the onsite cameras. This allows the operators to instantly verify what sort of response is required and dispatch emergency services if required.  Without this visual verification the monitoring centre has to send the next available guard to verify the alarm.

Virtual patrolling usually reduces physical patrol costs by at least 80%
With RemoteGUARD Virtual Patrols your monitoring centre can effectively monitor your premises by remotely viewing live data from the cameras installed on site. The Virtual Patrol within RemoteGUARD is a proven alternative to physical patrols; they’re safer and can often be more effective than an onsite guard.

Your own secure, private network
What makes RemoteGUARD different to other remote video monitoring products is that it has a secure VPN connection end-to-end, which allows your cameras to talk to your monitoring centre and visa versa with the confidence that your data is safe. This private and secure connection is established for every camera connected to your monitoring centre so your data can only be accessed by you.

So, How does it work?
Firstly, the Alarm & camera package is installed onsite. This may consist of internal sensors to detect intruders, duress buttons for emergency situations or a combination of both. Cameras are placed to provide maximum coverage of the site. We use 360 degree cameras to ensure maximum coverage while reducing cost.

Any generated alarm (Duress or Intruder alarm) reported to and displayed to the RemoteGUARD operators screen, causes the linked camera(s) to instantly display on the same screen. This allows the operator to immediately assess the situation on site. The operator can then choose to communicate with the victim by talking through the audio enabled camera (Microphone and speaker) and subsequently call for an emergency response if required or ignore the alarm following consultation with the person that triggered it. Emergency services will rush to get there as a visual verification of the site situation has occurred and the chance of it being a false alarm is eliminated.

See some of our Video Verification projects in the case studies below:

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