Alarm Systems

Protect your business with a monitored alarm or duress system

Protect Your Assets

A monitored alarm system is one of the most cost effective security solutions to protect your business. Monitored alarm systems serve two purposes; Deter intruders from entering a premises, and if access is gained, notify the owners or Police of the break in. Alarm systems will not only protect against theft of assets, but may reduce insurance premiums too.

Duress Alarm Systems

A duress alarm system can be easily added to an intruder alarm system and will provide safety to your staff. Local audible & visual alarms can be installed onsite to notify other staff members of an incident. Duress alarm system buttons can also be used in a lone worker scenario to provide safety of employees working alone or in remote areas.

We recommend monitoring a duress system with a video verification service to ensure alarms are responded to appropriately.

Our Offering

We offer a variety of intruder alarm systems to suit various applications. Alarm systems are benefical for all business premises including offices, warehouses, shops and larger buildings.

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