Corporate and Large Commerical Security Systems

Corporate security systems are protecting much more than just people and assets. Reputation, people management and protection from liability are key areas your security system can help your business.

Investing in a security system should provide you with flexibility to add or integrate with other systems as technology evolves. Video Surveillance should be considered a part of your overall security system with intrusion detection and access control and works best when integrated to capture the whole security picture.

To further enhance this picture video analytics can be added to your system to identify risks specific to your environment, such as abandoned object detection, theft detection of specific items and virtual trip lines.

Our Integrated Security systems can:

-Be adapted to the size of your business and scaled as the business grows
-Limit access to specific users at certain times, in certain areas
-Control your alarm: turn it on and off with your access card
-Record video at high frame rates when an alarm is received.
-Be managed both onsite and remotely via PC software, Phone or tablet.

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