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The Avigilon Alta cloud based security system is the latest in a line of offerings from the Canadian company. Avigilon has become a trusted choice for commercial security systems over the years, offering everything from security cameras to door readers and intercom systems. Ryalex is a qualified Avigilon installer, enabling us to assist our clients with the setup of a wide variety of their products.


The Avigilon Alta video management system (VMS) incorporates a range of modern technologies to provide outstanding levels of coverage, performance and convenience. Avigilon Alta access control systems can be fitted to a number of premises across various industries, including education, retail and large commercial spaces.


An Avigilon Alta video management system can incorporate the following products:


  • High Definition Cameras: The centrepiece of your security system, Avigilon Alta cameras record in high definition, providing a clear image of what is occurring in every corner of your premises.
  • Access Control Systems: Ensure only authorised personnel can access your premises with a range of access credentials, including door readers, intercoms and biometric scanners available as part of the Avigilon Alta access control range. 
  • Video Analytics: Avigilon Alta cameras are connected to analytics software that incorporates reports powered by AI, which can identify and detect suspicious behaviour within a zone, classifying the offending object as a person, vehicle or other intruder.
  • Cloud-Based Access: Alta Aware cloud stores all footage recorded by your cameras for later use, whether you need it for evidence, or as an educational resource to improve the safety and security of our operations.


H2 Work with a Trusted Avigilon Installer

As a qualified Avigilon Alta installer, Ryalex is able to assist your business with the purchase, installation, operation and maintenance of your cloud-based security system. We have a long history of working with Avigilon products, having been a qualified installer for several years.


If your business uses the Avigilon Unity video management system, or any security system products produced by Axis, Ryalex can also assist with their ongoing maintenance. 


For more information on Avigilon Alta pricing, availability and installation at your business, please contact Ryalex using the form below.

Avigilon Alta: Frequently Asked Questions

What types of security solutions does Avigilon Alta offer?

Avigilon Alta is an end-to-end security solution, which incorporates high-definition security cameras, access control integrations, cloud-based data storage and AI-powered reporting capabilities.

As a customisable and scalable solution, the Avigilon Alta video management system can be tailored to meet the needs of your business. Plus, with encrypted, secure updates to the Alta Aware cloud, you can rest assured that your data is adequately protected against misuse and theft.

What are the benefits of Avigilon Alta?

The benefits of using an Avigilon Alta access control system to protect your premises, staff and assets are numerous. They include:


  • AI analytics: With Avigilon Alta, you are placed firmly in control of what happens at your business. Using advanced AI intelligence, the system can identify any potential dangers or security risks occurring at your premises and alert you to the issue in real time.
  • Smart search tools: Search your entire network of Avigilon Alta cameras to review footage for a particular person, vehicle or object based on a reference image.
  • Scalable, secure solutions: Boasting encrypted data backups and instant software updates, the Avigilon Alta Aware cloud is a set-and-forget solution for storing your footage, protecting vital evidence until you need to access it.

Operational efficiency improvements: You can use the insights recorded on your Avigilon Unity Cameras to ensure all company processes are as efficient as possible. Whether it’s cleaning during off-peak times, re-distributing furniture due to traffic flows, or identifying queues in high-traffic areas of a retail store, the Avigilon Alta cloud-based security system can help make your business more efficient, as well as more secure.

Is Avigilon Unity cloud based?

Avigilon Unity is a cloud based, on-location video security solution. It enables you to monitor the premises wherever you are, checking to see where a response is needed and account for all staff and assets. Avigilon Unity allows you to detect, confirm and action responses in a matter of minutes, protecting your staff and assets whether you are at the premises or not.

How does Avigilon Alta use AI in its security solutions?

Avigilon Alta incorporates a number of advanced AI algorithms, to recognise people or vehicles of interest, or any other suspicious activity at your premises. The Avigilon Alta cameras can detect faces, objects and vehicle licence plates, colours and models, issuing real-time alerts if danger is present.

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