Anytime Fitness 24/7 Gym Security Solution

Ryalex Security have been a preferred supplier of Anytime Fitness LLC since October 2015.Our relationship covers the supply, installation and maintenance of Access Control, CCTV, AV and IT products throughout the network of clubs within Australia.

This vendor relationship was formed and continues to realise the goal of global access throughout the club network and safety of their members.

A key system requirement is the detection and capturing, in high resolution, images of unauthorised entry into the clubs. This information is then used by the club to ensure memberships are used as per their member agreements. Another requirement is the ability to remotely view cameras from the monitoring centre to verify duress alarms. RemoteGUARD and MOBOTIX were chosen as the solution to meet their objectives.

  • RemoteGUARD Video Verification
    RemoteGUARD allows the monitoring centre operator access to the live video footage when an alarm is received allowing the operator to immediately assess the situation within the gym. The operator can then choose to communicate with the person onsite by talking through the audio enabled camera (Microphone and speaker) and subsequently call for an emergency response if required.
  • Mobotix Cameras
    We utilise Mobotix cameras to provide high quality images throughout the club and the RemoteGUARD network to ensure a secure video verification link to the monitoring centre. The Mobotix camera system also allows for integration and control of the club sound system during alarm events.
  • Multicom 4 Plus
    We have utilised the Multicom 4 Plus, 4G dual-SIM alarm communicator to integrate with the Bosch Solution 6000 panel. This was chosen due to the compatibility of remote smart phone apps for system control, 60 second polling to ensure system uptime and dual-sim redundancy to eliminate service outages.
  • Bosch Solution 6000
    We have utilised the Bosch Solution 6000 as our alarm panel of choice. The Bosch products allow for easy integration of wireless and wired inputs, intuitive and easy to use Graphic User Interface for the end user and reliability and flexibility in utilising control of third-party devices.

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