Commercial Premises Security Systems

Access control doors or detectors and video surveillance for commercial premises

A small commercial premises often only requires a few access control doors or detectors and Video Surveillance coverage of main entry points in order to provide a secured premises.

We have several systems that can combine access control and intruder alarms on the one system, saving you on your initial investment as well as time programming users in your system. Our access control and alarm systems can:

-Be adapted to the size of your business and scaled as the business grows
-Limit access to specific users at certain times, in certain areas
-Control your alarm – turn it on and off with your access card
-Be managed by software onsite: view the history log, create reports and program users on your system
-Be managed remotely: we can also do this for you so you can focus on your business

The addition of Video Surveillance provides an additional deterrent and evidence of any intruders. Our video surveillance solutions can:
– Record on Motion detection to save on video storage
– Integrate with your security alarm system for high frame rate recording on activation
– Allow remote access to check your premises on alarm activation or when needed

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