Security System Maintenance

Maintenance of your security system should be undertaken regularly, as with all your other business assets.

This ensures your security system is operating correctly, and will extend the operating life of the key components.

Ryalex Security can offer a maintenance package to suit your requirements. If you are uncertain of your maintenance requirements, our consultants can inspect and offer advice on the most suitable service for your system.

It is important to check with your insurance company as to whether routine security maintenance is required as part of your policy obligations.

Some preventable issues of maintenance services include:

  • Unwanted false alarms
  • Failure of system hard drives and processors
  • Environmental Damage
  • Out of date software packages
  • Obstruction of detectors or cameras

The monitoring station relies on your security system sending correct alarm activation messages. During a maintenance inspection, every detection device will be tested back to the monitoring station. If you have a comprehensive security system installed, you may be unaware that certain detection devices are not functioning.

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