Inner range – Concept 4000

Concept 4000 is an integrated alarm & access control platform designed for the commercial security market. It’s a scalable solution that can cater to businesses of varying sizes and allows expansion as the organization expands or grows.

Concept 4000 can be deployed in organizations ranging from a single site with a handful of users, through to a multi-site organization with many sites and thousands of users.

Concept 4000 can be integrated with a range of third party systems including wireless duress, building management systems and CCTV systems.

Ryalex security have been installing and managing Concept 4000 systems for over 10 years and employ Inner Range Certified Technicians with extensive knowledge of installation, programming and maintenance.

Concept 4000 integrated alarm & access control

Upgrade to Integriti – Concept End of Life

Innerrange has recently announced that Concept 2000, 3000 & 4000 is near end of life and parts will no longer be manufactured. As of April 2019 Concept 4000 parts including door controllers, expanders and software will not be manufactured and will only be available until stock runs out.

To avoid any system downtime when issues occur, we recommend upgrading Concept 4000 to Integriti, the latest security platform from Innerrange. Concept Expanders and door controllers are backwards compatible providing a cost effective upgrade with minimal downtime or disruption to the operation of the system.

What happens if you don’t upgrade?

Your existing Concept 4000 system will continue to operate however if a major fault with any of the Concept Control hardware occurs then an upgrade to Integriti is required immediately. This could cause major disruptions to the operation of your business while the new Integriti panel is installed and programmed.

To eliminate this risk then we recommend upgrading early to ensure continued operation of the system. Upgrading early ensures that a backup of the current system can be completed, and programming can be transferred to the new integriti system resulting in minimal downtime.

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