COVID-19: People counting and occupancy management system

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has led to strict measures on public places and businesses alike. With occupancy and capacity limits enforced for indoor venues, ensuring ongoing compliance with the restrictions has become a major issue.

Venues that previously allowed free access to the public are now faced with the challenge of ensuring compliance to the 4 square meter rule and other capacity limits imposed by Government. Employing a dedicated person or guard to manage this is not only expensive but exposes that employee to risk through unnecessary contact with customers.

Thankfully, artificially Intelligent camera systems can measure the capacity of a premises in real time to assist with compliance. Cameras positioned at the entry point to a premises accurately detect a person and counts the entry and exit of each person. Screens displaying the current occupancy of the site can be positioned at the entry to provide instruction to patrons. The system can also prevent access through an entry door or turnstyle when the premises is at capacity.


  • High accuracy people counting solution with video analytics
  • Easy to set up, server-less yet scalable
  • Restrict access or notify staff if capacity is reached
  • Reduce staff workload by managing occupancy automatically
  • Not just a people counting solution – understand customer behavior



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