FDC Construction & Fitout

  • Case Summary
    Customer Name FDC Construction and Fitout
    Industry Construction
    Location Sydney Water Prestons
    Duration 10 weeks
    Completion 31-05-2012
    – Deliver on time on budget. Security Solution
    – Challenger Alarm & Access Control
    – DVtel CCTV
    Biggest Challenge
    – Ongoing civil works cutting through our cables
    Why they chose Ryalex
    – Prior performance and price.
    – Successfully completed.
    – On time on budget
  • The Client
    The FDC Group have been delivering construction, fit out and refurbishment projects for over 20 years across many sectors. FDC required a security contractor for a high grade security system for the Sydney Water Super Warehouse Prestons facility that encompassed access control, intruder alarms and IP video surveillance consisting of 26 IP CCTV cameras.
  • The Solution
    Ryalex designed a comprehensive security solution that included Challenger alarm and access control as well as an IP video surveillance. During the course of construction, Ryalex provided positive input and expert advice on exact camera locations, lighting requirements and pole locations during the course of construction to ensure an excellent end result. This involved liaising with several other contractors on site so we could bring the project to a successful completion in line with the customer’s expectation.
  • Biggest Challenge
    Following mobilisation, our biggest challenge was to protect our rolled out underground infrastructure from damage by ongoing civil works. On several occasions it was damaged which resulted in delays to our construction plan. We made adjustments to this to meet the deadline while addressing the problem with the construction manager. This job required a high level and project management and coordination to work in with all parties involved.
  • Why they chose Ryalex Security
    Competitive pricing as well as proven experience and expertise won Ryalex the job, already having a solid credible reputation in the construction industry and with Sydney Water.
  • Outcome
    Ryalex Security delivered the project within the 10 week deadline despite numerous delays encountered on site. The end user – Sydney Water Prestons expressed their satisfaction with the security system and we continue to be engaged for security projects by both FDC Construction and Fitout as well as Sydney Water.

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